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If I Stay - Gayle Forman

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

I listened to this over two days, I had been planning to read it for a while but it came to me by audiobook first. The story was captivating, from the beginning you know something is about to happen, even though the main character - Mia, can steal you away from the feeling of dread with her memories for minutes at a time.


That carries on throughout the book, interwoven with the current events are captivating memories and remarks that manage to sweep you away from the story that unfolds as the character tries to distract herself from what has happened. I don't know if this was so effective because I was listening to the story rather than reading it, but I was drawn in, and listened to the whole thing in two sittings. Thoughtful, and poignant it really tugged at my heart, the only real letdown was not being able to imagine my own voices for the characters, I'll definitely seek this out to read again in book form.


The beauty of finding a book a few years after it was released is that the sequel might already be out... I'm looking forward to reading the sequel and watching the film later this year.